Positive vibes: tips

A friend and I started weekly challenges as a way to stay motivated. It’s pretty simple and the way it works is that we must either write a piece and/or upload something on Instagram. So with the semester coming to an end, I decided to film a quick 15-second video on a sunny yet chilly morning of my quick journey to campus without the use of a tripod.

That’s right, within a challenge I set myself my own challenge. Shall we call it, challengeception?

Exam time!

It is that time of the year where everyone equally freaks out on every social platform known to man, but no one actually does anything productive, such as revising perhaps?
As a quick stress relief, here are 5 (hopefully) helpful points to advise you through this period of exams.

  • Ensure you still make time to do things that are fun and enjoyable. For me, it’s as little as literally putting a 15 second together or watching a movie with friends. This helps to stop the stress of exams completely consuming my mind.
  • Remember to remind yourself that these assessments are not the be-all or end-all of life. If you fail, then use it as an opportunity to improve next time around. If you do really well, then well done and keep aiming higher.
  • Do not make it harder on yourself by stressing over every tiny little thing. Just because you missed the bus this morning and you’re running a little late does not mean the world is ending. Chill, everything is not as scary and intense as it may seem.
  • Remember to keep productive and healthy with proper time management. Allocate appropriate breaks and use them effectively by eating something healthy or engaging in a quick stretch to help reduce stress. This means avoiding social networks, drinking caffeine or shopping online. (Guilty of online shopping!)
  • As mentioned earlier, you’re not the only one feeling under the weather, as a result of the exams. So make sure to seek help when you need it and always be sure to be kind to other people along the way. Spread the positivity.


  • Bonus tip: Ginger tea with lemon and honey. If you’re sick of being sick and need to get better soon then look no further than this wonderful creation.

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